Fan-Fiction Recommendations

You know how it is, you settle down to read a HG/SS fic, only to find out that it's complete and utter rubbish and you've wasted an hour and a half of your life. We all know there are good, great even, HG/SS fics out there, but wading through all the crap to get to them can be a bit daunting. With that in mind, here's my handy-dandy recommendation list =D

All of these recommendations are my own. Each and every fic listed here is one that I consider to be a good read, be they fluff, angst, or whatever. You're free to disagree with me, of course. Links, summaries and my own comments are all provided and the fics are listed in alphabetical order. Be warned, I may overuse the words 'clever', 'tone' and 'beautiful'.

Calling Card by Bambu
Summary: In which Severus receives an unexpected visitor and learns that, even after graduation, Hermione Granger is a diligent student.
My Comments: This story is so much better than its summary. Ten years after her intial confession, Hermione visits Snape at Hogwarts to tell him that she loves him. All grown-up, successful and confident, she leaves a heavily charmed box on his desk before departing. There's a slow, but thoroughly enjoyable, build up and some very hot sex. Highly recommended!

The Changing of the Guard by Snarkypants
Summary: How does a flawed man begin to succeed the most powerful and beloved wizard of his time?
My Comments: A wonderful peak into Severus' brain after he's been made Headmaster of Hogwarts.

Dice by Anogete
Summary: In order to prove that he is neither a coward nor scared of girls, Snape agrees to play a game of adult dice.
My Comments: An unsure Snape is a sexy Snape.

Excedrin by Amberdiceless
Summary: Drabble. Snape is surprised when Hermione notices something about him.
My Comments: Cute in a non-sickly way. The drabble just below it is worth a look too =D

The End of Reckoning by SH_Anonymous_Entry
Summary: After the final battle, Severus Snape’s magic is bound and his memory is altered so that he can hide in the Muggle world. As the Order fights to clear his name, there’s a problem: Snape is having strange dreams – dreams that could drive him mad.
My Comments: Despite dealing with Snape's struggles to remember who he is and Hermione's attempts to clear his name, the tone of this fic is hopeful. As everyone is forced into situations they would rather not be in, no one becomes overwrought. This low-key tone makes the story that much more touching.

A Fate Worse Than Death by Snarkypants
Summary: A councillor works with Severus after Hermione has been sexually assaulted. This is a response to rapefics where Hermione falls in love with her attacker. Sexual Assault Is Not Sexy.
My Comments: This should be a required read for everyone who writes stories where rape is the start of a wonderful, loving relationship. Highly recommended!

Fate's Sticky Fingers by Igorina
Summary:Hermione discovers that embarking upon a clandestine relationship is far less exciting and far more fraught with detailed forward planning and a need for good organisational skills than either Muggle or magical romance novels would ever have one believe.
My Comments: A beautiful tone, a dash of romance and more than a bit of humour.

The Fourth Unforgiveable by Abby
Summary: Severus is cursed with the fourth Unforgiveable which can only be relieved through sexual intercourse.
My Comments: Hot. Seriously. Hot.

A Good Day by A_bees_buzz
Summary: If Severus survives the war (assuming that the good guys will win), in the immediate aftermath his life will be hell. Oh, he may be pardoned eventually, or even exonerated. He might manage to hide out until the charges are dropped. But there are going to be rough times. Nothing he can't handle; his life has always been pretty miserable. But. What if there aren't? How would Severus Snape respond to a world in which things go his way?
My Comments: Clever, gratifying and hot all at once.

Headlines by
Summary: After spending a year on the run from the law, Hermione and Severus discover what has gone on in their absence through newspaper clippings.
My Comments: GO BACK TO THIS

Honeysuckle & Smoke by Liquidscissors
Summary: Hermione Granger has carved a quiet life for herself in Queerditch North, as village librarian after cutting all ties with her past. Her comfortable daily routine is interrupted by the arrival of Severus Snape.
My Comments: Honestly, I think these two pieces are beautiful - really wonderfully written. The prose rolls gently, unfolding truths, painful and otherwise, as it goes. The two characters circle each other resignedly and, in a way, we're left with more questions than answers. Highly recommended!

How That Led To This by IsobelL
Summary: Hermione, when thirteen, did something that comes back to haunt her on Graduation day.
My Comments: To be perfectly honest both the beginning and end of this fic aren't too great. The middle, though, the middle is wonderful. Both clever and hysterically funny, it's worth giving this a look just for the bit between the start and finish!

The Hunting of the Snark by Poe_momm
Summary: Hermione out-Slytherins the Slytherin. Sort of. Hermione does her best to drive Snape absolutely insane.
My Comments: Mental, clever, laugh-out-loud funny. Highly recommended!

Improbable Felicity by felix_felicity
Summary: In order to secure his release from Azkaban, Snape and Hermione marry. On a deadline to consumate the marriage, they attempt to get to know one another, but Snape's prickly demeanor is not going to disappear over night.
My Comments: Despite featuring two things that I am decidedly not a fan of ('forced' marriage, pregnancy), this is a fantastic read. Snape is mean, bitter, distrusting, while Hermione is determined and single-minded.

Lest The Old Traditions Fails by Quillusion
Summary: At Christmas, Severus and Hermione dance around each other with the help of a Medieval tradition.
My Comments: This fic is heart-warming and manages to get just the right level of sweetness without being saccharine.

Lonely Christmas Indeed by Rilla
Summary: Whilst on an academic visit to America, Severus is preparing to spend a lonely Christmas by himself. When he unexpectedly runs into a former student, his plans alter.
My Comments: A portrait of how loneliness can wear a person down, and how two isolated people can help each other, if only for a short time.

Nothing To It by Deeble
Summary: When Hermione decides to take a "mental vacation" and spends a month lying on the couch in Grimmauld Place, her friends start to worry. Will Snape's involvement snap her out of it?
My Comments: An amusing read in which Snape loses his temper and Hermione is uncharacteristically rude.

Of Want and Waiting by StevieJ
Summary: Life is full of surprises, and so is Severus Snape; as Hermione discovers, just when she needs excitement most. A match made in... Grimmauld Place (Post-Hogwarts).
My Comments: A good little read where Hermione is surprised to learn that Severus has feelings for her, and that he isn't backwards about coming forwards.

Phoenix Feathers by Camillo
Summary: Healer Granger is thoroughly fed up with her boyfriend whose first priority always seems to be Quidditch. Deciding to leave him, she retreats to Harry and Ginny's where she discovers that her friends (and some former enemies) have been up to quite a lot behind her back.
My Comments: First and foremost a (really very good) comedy, but there's a wonderfully observed romance in here too. Features lots of every day phrases such as 'Christ on a bike' and 'fit as fuck' whilst still managing to keep everyone nicely intelligent. Highly recommended!

Playing It By Ear by Gkwylie
Summary: Seven years have passed since Hermione pressed Severus Snape up against an alleyway wall. Seven years with no communication between them. But now Hermione is returning to Hogwarts as a teacher and she's not entirely certain that he'll be glad to see her.
My Comments: The humourous tone is broken by moments of absolute hotness. Yum.

Send Not To Know by Subvers
Summary: An annoying event causes Hermione to choose to spend the Christmas break in seventh year away from her best friends, but Dumbledore feels she needs someone to watch over her. How will Hermione react to the appearance of the Potions master on her doorstep -- and how will they interact when cooped up alone together for days on end?
My Comments: I usually avoid stories where Hermione is still a student, but this story is a wonderful mix of tentative friendship, humour and romance. Oh, and sex, naturally.

Silly Little Girl by Bambu
Summary: Drabble series written for the 'compulsion' prompt at GrangerSnape100, Hermione, Harry and Ron have been on the Horcrux hunt for seven months when a letter from Snape lands in her lap ... literally.
My Comments: An interesting take on the 'Hermione is Severus' point of contact after HBP' plot, where Hermione's acceptance is not so easy to come by and Severus is forced to pursue her across half the world.

A Success, of Sorts by Teabiscuit
Summary: As Severus repeatedly tries to kill himself, Hermione finds herself compelled to help him and unable to figure out why he keeps trying - and failing.
My Comments: This story centres around suicide, which is not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but it's not really about suicide, it's more about trying to discover who you are when there's nothing left. It's well written and, despite the subject matter, oddly humourous. Give it a try, I think you'll like it.

Ten Ways to Woo a Witch by Laiksmarei
Summary: When Snape decides to pursue Hermione she tells him that he will have to go about it properly. Unfortunately, he has no idea how to go about it.
My Comments: This starts of as a bit of a comedy of errors, but swifty develops into a clever, slow-burning romance. I have some issues with the way the author interprets the word 'court' but it's doesn't really get in the way.

Tidings of Comfort and Joy by StormySkize
Summary: Hermione Granger has been absent from the wizarding world for more than five years. When Severus Snape runs into her in a Muggle bookstore, he discovers why. An old promise made to Albus Dumbledore prompts Snape to offer his help to his former student.
Summary: A thoroughly engrossing and enjoyable read.

What I Know You've Done by Snarkyroxy
Summary: How do you convince someone to go back when the whole world has turned against them? Show them you still believe.
My Comments: One of the must utterly believable depictions of Snape immediately after the events of HBP that I've seen.

White Flag by Snarkypants
Summary: Severus has been unexpectedly exonerated in Dumbledore's death, and returns to join the walking wounded at Hogwarts. But things are not quite what they seem.
My Comments: What to say about this one? There's something almost calming about the way it's written - the ebbs and flows of it. Heart-breaking but with a lovely gleam of happiness at the end.